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Licensing: A Very Special Christmas Tree

Debra Buchanan, an award winning dance educator and director, wrote the story of A Very Special Christmas Tree expressly to be performed as a ballet during the Christmas season. It has since been published as a children’s picture book, and A Very Special Christmas Tree won the 2017 Illumination Award’s gold medal for children’s holiday picture books.

Little Tree


Deep in the forest where the fairies dwell, a little pine tree grows among her lush and lofty neighbors. Her branches droop, her needles are sparse, and every other tree towers above her. Her greatest wish is to grow taller and stronger so she will be chosen to stand in a special place for the Christmas season.

After every other tree finds a glorious home for the holiday, the little tree is disappointed to find where she has been taken.

But with the help of a kind man and a wise angel, the little tree discovers the true spirit of Christmas and that her greatest wish has actually come true.